H & H Lawn Care Inc.

After graduating in Forestry from the University of Tennessee, Hal began working at a local country club and quickly became interested in turf grass. There he met Hans who had recently graduated from Berry College in Industrial Technology. They soon learned their interests were similar and their dream began. In April of 1980 H & H Lawn Care Inc. became a reality. This was the first company of this kind in Northwest Georgia .
The company began with a small bank loan. With that loan they purchased a 12-gallon walk behind sprayer, a 21" lawn mower and 1000 pounds of fertilizer.

From 1980 to 2002 H & H Lawn Care has provided landscape design and installation, landscape maintenance, seasonal plant care, irrigation installation and chemical lawn care.

In 2002 the company decided to specialize in Chemical Lawn Care exclusively. In the following years the company has grown into a fleet of spray trucks, numerous employees, and a warehouse full of supplies.

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